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DLV’s team of reputable, global leaders and consultants provide our clients with access to an unparalleled knowledge base and experience, proven professionals in diverse disciplines and industries.

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Adrian Dozier, Director

Adrian's early years were spent in rural, southern United States, an environment with little opportunity for higher learning or advancement.  It was through non-conforming to the expected norms of his community that Adrian found himself working from an early age as an entrepreneur.

He spent many years as an international trader, broker and shipping expert, moving ships and cargos around the world. As a ship-broker, Adrian negotiated carriage contracts and financing of the voyages. The transference of goods have taken him to exotic byways, large metropolises and economically depressed areas, in many cases tapping creative talents to realise profitability for his clients.

Mr. Dozier is co-founder of 4C Art Foundation, a private global, charitable foundation. Currently in its infancy, the Foundation envisions directing much of its resources in advising communities in redevelopment and revitalisation, along with supporting the arts.

Patricia A. Salles, Director

A life spent straddling three continents provides Ms. Salles with a unique viewpoint and business approach — fundamental elements for creativity and problem solving. Her “can-do” attitude has resulted in a successful business and consulting career. She was president of Vista Design Associates, Inc. for 25 years, a top marketing and communications firm in Houston, Texas, her creative team, the recipient of over fifty regional, national and international industry awards for her clients.

Patricia's scope of experience includes economic development projects for small communities to enhance tourism and tax bases, create jobs and career diversification. She has been a communications consultant for luxury real estate developments and resorts, financial services, engineering, medical and energy sectors. She strategically consults with organisations on multiple levels liaising with boards of directors in business planning, and in the creation of prospectuses for growth, expansion, and to raise capital.

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9 Cherrywood Park, Tallanstown, Co Louth IR

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